About us

Yeehlow is a communication platform for tenants and landlords Having lived in rented accommodation for years, I’ve been lucky enough to have had some great landlords. They would communicate with me when I had problems with a failed boiler or a broken door knob, or when the gas inspection was due
I would hear stories about rogue landlords, but I knew from personal experience and from friends that landlords can be great. If I could find a fault, it would be the dated and messy way we communicated.

It would often be via housemates, missed phone calls or assorted email chains. I wondered if there could be a way we could communicate using one simple system. Where everything from reporting an issue, to providing documentation, arranging inspections, all communications would all be in one place.
Imagine if all housemates could be in the loop on all issues, and could refer back to all communication quickly and easily. What’s more, wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to review the landlord privately, to help improve landlord accountability and service levels provided to tenants. Welcome to Yeehlow. Where tenants and landlords communicate.