Adding and Editing frequently asked questions (FAQs) – Landlord

What is the FAQs?

The FAQs lists the most common questions and answers about your property. You can lists of up to 10 FAQs that you can set and can be edited at any time. It could be things like:- “What day is the bins collected”, or “what do I do if I have lost my keys?”. You will then provide the answer for your tenants. The questions and answers will be visible for your tenants in that particular property.


How do I add/edit FAQs?

  1. Click on your property section in the dashboard
  2. Chose the property you wish to add/edit the FAQs
  3. On the right-hand side click “Add FAQs”
  4. You can add/edit up to 10 FAQs
  5. Click save


Can I edit or remove my FAQs?

Yes, you can edit or remove any FAQs at any time by following the above instructions.