Common reasons you might lose some of your deposit

Deposit money is often one of the most thorny elements when going through the beginning of a new tenancy. At Yeehlow, we want to help. Here you find a list with the top 5 reasons that could lead to losing the deposit, so get organized to avoid them all!

The property is dirty or messy

Before leaving your rented room or house, make sure to clean every corner of it and put all the furniture back to where it was when you entered. It is a lodger’s duty to make sure that, at the end of a contract, the spaces he occupied are nice and ready for a new tenancy to begin.

Something is broken or damaged

If you break or damage something in the property your landlord will be authorised to use your deposit money to cover the fixing expenses. Therefore, always tell him if something feels wrong and be honest about the damages you’ve caused: you may be able to find a compromise that suits both sides.

Unpaid rent

A landlord can’t give any deposit back until all rent arrears are paid. If you’ve always been on time with payments this shouldn’t be a problem, so always try not to miss the monthly deadline or, if you think you won’t be able to make it for a specific month, inform the landlord in advance about the reasons for your delay.

Not reading the contract

When you start a new tenancy make sure to always read the whole lease contract carefully. It can be a long, bureaucratic document, but it will spare you unpleasant surprises when you’ll decide to end the tenancy and move somewhere else. Focus on the section about deposit money and double check with your landlord the related terms, so that you both can agree about it or renegotiate some parts.

Not taking pictures

It is good practice to take pictures of your new room or house at the beginning and at the end of a tenancy. This simple move will allow you to gather evidence and avoid disputes with your landlord about the conditions of the property!