Having a relationship with your housemate

dating your flatmate

Finding that special someone can be hard and the best of times. But what happens if you fall for your housemate? Will it work?  Is it recipe for disaster?  

It’s often said that we can’t choose when or where we fall in love and to that matter who you fall in love with. We have put some tips together with our partners at Naturally Dating of the pros and cons.

  1. Be sure you are both on the same page

Have a conversations with your partner to make sure you are both on the same page regarding what you want out of this relationship. Do you both see a long term thing or is it a short fling. The reason when you need to have this open talk, is because if you both see things differently then it will only end in disaster. If you live with other people, do you tell your other flatmates about your relationship? If so, when? Will you start to share your beds and night? What will happen if things go wrong? These are the sort of questions you need to ask each other. Although this can be hard, but in the long term it’s the right thing to do.

  • Let your other Housemates know

If you have other housemates it is respectful to let them know about your relationship. This is important for a number of reasons

  • Are they happy with the situation?
  • Will the house dynamics change i.e will you change the way you cook or share the space?

Ask your flatmates if they are happy with the situation, as if they are not completely then it could cause tension. Encourage them to be honest with their views not matter how hard it may be to hear. You don’t want a situation where other people are unhappy.

If you decide you both want to share rooms, then how or who will find a new flatmate to replace the unused room?

The more fully open you are, the better it will be for all concerned and make for a happy home.

So what are the Pros

  • You can spend more time together

It can be really nice to come home after a long day and work and see your loved one at home. You can spend your chill out times together without the need to travel or make arrangements to see each other.  You can hear about each other day face to face or in each other arms. The physical presence of your partner is a great thing.

  • Save money

You can save money by sharing food and other costs which you usually buy individually.  This could give you both extra money to do other things, maybe have that first holiday

See your other friends

It can be often easy to be wrapped up in a new relationship especially if it’s your flatmate. In the begging spending all your time in each other’s arms can be amazing.  But be careful not to forget about your other friends and stop doing thing with them. Living in each other’s pockets and also bring unwanted stress into a relationship.  So make sure you go to parties, gigs and events with other people too.

Need a exit strategy?

If things go wrong you need to be honest with each other so you can break up in a manner that does not affect other flatmates and each other. It’s probably best if one you move out, this will avoid any tensions with other flatmates in the house, nobody wants to be around a bad environment.

Overall dating your housemate can be a great way to build a long lasting relationship, however there may be challenges that you may have. Be open with everyone so along the way including your other flatmates as they are part of all of this.  Good luck and happy dating.