How do I deal with maintenance and issue requests from my tenant – Landlord

Dealing with maintenance issues in your property is a key feature on Yeehlow. You will receive an email and or text message letting you know that your tenant(s) have submitted an issue.  When receiving an issue there are two types. A normal issue and an emergency issue. Additionally you can receive private issues, this will not be shared with other housemates.

How do I reply to an issue?

You will receive a notification on your dashboard and via email when you have new issue request.

  1. Click on “requests” in your dashboard.
  2. Chose “details” on a pending issue
  3. Reply with message

You will be able to see the issue and download and any attachments by clicking the “attachment” in the tab.

You can send the tenant a message regarding this issues within this section.

  1. When the issue has been resolved click the “submit”


What’s the difference between an emergency and non-issue?

An emergency issue is something that needs dealing with straight away I.e. gas leak

A non-emergency is something that can be dealt with at any time I.e. the blinds not working.


What is the difference between a private issue and a non-issue?

A tenant can mark an issue as private. This means that the issue is only shared between you and the tenant who raised the issue.  No other housemate will be able to see the message/issue. If the issue is private then when you reply to the tenant only they will receive the messages. If the issue is not private then all other tenants in that property will see all messages.


Can an issue be reopened after it has been resolved?

If your tenants feels that in issues has not been resolved, they can reopen the issue. If an issue has been reopened you will receive a notification and email.


Why can’t my tenant see the reopen issue link?

There are two reason why they may not see the reopen link

  1. The issue has been resolved and they have already made a review.
  2. The issue is still open.