How do I submit a issue in my property?

Submitting an issue in your property

When reporting a property issue via Yeehlow, your landlord will receive an immediate email and/or text notification. Property issues can be categorised as an emergency if the issue is immediately urgent. Tenants also have the option to submit a private issue, which will not be shared with housemates.

  1. Login to your account and go to Issues
  2. Click Submit Issue
  3. Complete the relevant details, describing the issue in detail
  4. Add images or documents if applicable
  5. Select whether your issue is an emergency
  6. Select whether your issue is private


What is classified as an emergency issue?
An issue should be classed as an emergency if it is something which needs to be dealt with straight away. Usually this is an issue which makes your home unsafe or vulnerable to thieves, could cause permanent damage to the property, or causes a risk to your health and wellbeing. Examples of this include a burst pipe, or broken down boiler.

All other issues should be classified as non-emergency.


What is the difference between a private issue and a non-issue?
If you do not want your issue to be shared with your housemates, you should follow the instructions below to ensure that your issue is reported as a private issue and is therefore only shared with your landlord. If you do not report the issue as a private issue, it will be shared with all other parties connected to the property, i.e. your housemates and landlord.

To submit an issue that will only be shared between yourself and your landlord, follow the following instructions when submitting your issue.

  1. Login to your account and go to Issues
  2. Click Submit Issue
  3. Complete the relevant details
  4. Select Yes under Private Issue


Can I reopen an issue after it have been resolved?
If your landlord has marked an issue as complete however you believe that the issue has not yet been resolved, you can reopen the issue by following these instructions;

  1. Click My Property in your dashboard
    2. Scroll down to the Issues section
    3. Click the Resolved Issues tab
    4. Click the Details button next to the issue you wish to reopen
    5. Click Reopen Issue. This will reopen the issue and send a notification to your landlord.


Why can’t I see the reopen link?
If the Reopen Issue option is not visible, this will be due to one of the following;
1. The issue has been resolved and you have already made a review.
2. The issue is still open.