Top Reasons Why You Should Get to Know Your Neighbours When Renting

Whenever you watch a TV show set in America, when a person moves into a property, there always seems to be friendly neighbours taking over some baking or a casserole to welcome their new neighbours. Over in the UK, though, we don’t seem to make the effort to get to know our neighbours, with many of us not even knowing their neighbour’s names.

However, getting to know your neighbours – especially when you’re renting – actually has a host of advantages, including:

1: Borrowing That Cup of Sugar

While we don’t tend to ask our neighbours for a cup of sugar anymore, it is useful to be friendly with your neighbours in case you’d like to borrow anything off each other. Whether it’s milk for a recipe or a drill to do some DIY, just make sure to return the favour in the future.

2: They’ll Take in Deliveries

We can’t always be at home when we’re getting deliveries arriving at our homes, which can mean hassle as you try to rearrange or get to a depot to collect. Instead, by being friendly with your neighbours, you can ask them to take your deliveries, saving you hassle.

3: Neighbourhood Watch

By taking the time to get to know your neighbours, you’ll start to learn each other’s habits and when you are or aren’t at home. So, if something unusual is happening, your neighbours can keep an eye on your home and you can do the same.

4: Parties Are Easier

We’ve all been there, lying awake as our neighbours have a party that keeps us awake, which can make us resentful. However, if you take the time to warn your neighbours that you’re having a party – and even invite them too! – they are far less likely to complain.

5: Share Your Skills

We all have something that we’re good at. Maybe you should be on Great British Bake Off or perhaps your neighbour is handy at DIY. By getting to know those who live around you, you can start to share your skills. So, the next time you need help hanging a picture, you can knock on your neighbour’s door.

You might even find that by being friendly with your neighbours means you’ll get to benefit from their skills. Maybe your neighbour grows vegetable or they love to knit, you might just find yourself being gifted with something they’ve made. Even better, you can share your hobbies with your neighbours too!

6: Great for Finding Babysitters and Pet Sitters

If you’re going away for a few days, whether for work or a holiday, it can be difficult and pricey to find a pet sitter to look after your pets. Instead, if you’re friendly with your neighbours, you may be able to ask them to nip in and feed your cat for you while you’re away.

Or, if you have young children, one neighbour might have a teenager looking for extra cash through babysitting. Meaning you get to enjoy a date night away from the kids!