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Yeehlow Messaging – Overview for landlords

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Yeehlow Messaging allows you to communicate with other Yeehlow members that you’re connected to – your tenants. On Yeehlow, you can message your tenants and connections for free. If you aren’t connected, you always have the option to connect with your tenant by adding your property and then using our tools to find them.


Conversations with your connections can be initiated directly from your Messaging page. You can send a message to a single, connection or, start a message thread with two or more connections by sending a message to multiple recipients. You can also send message as a whole house.


Yeehlow messaging gives you the option to leave a conversation or you can mute a conversation to stop receiving notifications for new messages on the thread. If you’ve started a conversation, you can also terminate the thread by deleting the conversation.


If a message you’ve received is inappropriate or offensive, you can report the message by contacting us.