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Adding and updating property schedule information – Landlord

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The Property schedule section allows you to add schedules regarding that property. Your tenants can view and be reminded about this at anytime.

Add anything, for example “The gas inspection contractor is attending on 15  November”


How to Add/update property schedule

  1. Click my properties from your dashboard
  2. Chose the property you wish to add a schedule
  3. Select the property schedule link
  4. Add the information and date
  5. click add


How do I add tenants to my property

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Adding tenants to your properties on Yeehlow made simple.

Go to your Yeehlow dashboard

  1. Click “My Properties”
  2. Chose the property you wish to add tenant(s)
  3. Click the “details” button
  4. Select “Add tenant”
  5. Enter the email address of your tenant


If your tenant is already listed on Yeehlow then their profile will appear,  simply click connect.


If your tenant is not on the Yeehlow platform  then you can send them a email request to join.

How do I deal with maintenance and issue requests from my tenant – Landlord

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Dealing with maintenance issues in your property is a key feature on Yeehlow. You will receive an email and or text message letting you know that your tenant(s) have submitted an issue.  When receiving an issue there are two types. A normal issue and an emergency issue. Additionally you can receive private issues, this will not be shared with other housemates.

How do I reply to an issue?

You will receive a notification on your dashboard and via email when you have new issue request.

  1. Click on “requests” in your dashboard.
  2. Chose “details” on a pending issue
  3. Reply with message

You will be able to see the issue and download and any attachments by clicking the “attachment” in the tab.

You can send the tenant a message regarding this issues within this section.

  1. When the issue has been resolved click the “submit”


What’s the difference between an emergency and non-issue?

An emergency issue is something that needs dealing with straight away I.e. gas leak

A non-emergency is something that can be dealt with at any time I.e. the blinds not working.


What is the difference between a private issue and a non-issue?

A tenant can mark an issue as private. This means that the issue is only shared between you and the tenant who raised the issue.  No other housemate will be able to see the message/issue. If the issue is private then when you reply to the tenant only they will receive the messages. If the issue is not private then all other tenants in that property will see all messages.


Can an issue be reopened after it has been resolved?

If your tenants feels that in issues has not been resolved, they can reopen the issue. If an issue has been reopened you will receive a notification and email.


Why can’t my tenant see the reopen issue link?

There are two reason why they may not see the reopen link

  1. The issue has been resolved and they have already made a review.
  2. The issue is still open.

How to I add contractors to my list of contractors

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The Yeehlow platform allows you to connect with all your contractors and send them work order requests regarding issues in properties you manage. You can communicate with your contractor and be notified when jobs orders are completed. All your contractors all in one place.

To do this:-

  1. Click on contractor tab in your dashboard.
  2. Click invite contractor
  3. Enter your contractors email address
  4. Click on your contractors profile

The contractor will then receive your request and approve it if they wish. Once approved you will see them appear in your list of contractors


My contractor is not on Yeehlow or cannot be found

If the email address does not find your contractor you can send them a request to join Yeehlow.  If your contractor has joined Yeehlow and you cannot see their profile make sure you are using their correct email address they used when creating a Yeehlow account.

How to assign work orders to your contractor – Landlord

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The Yeehlow platform makes it simply to assign work orders  that you need completing by your contractors.

To do this, you will need to go to your “requests” from your dashboard.


  1. Click “Details” on the request in question
  2. Click the “Assign to contractor” tab
  3. Click the contractors profile you which to send the job request
  4. Enter the job requirements
  5. Click send

The assigned contractor will receive your request. You can then exchange messages between yourself and your contractor.

To do this

  1. Click on “Tasks”
  2. Click “Details” in the assignment in question

When your contractor has completed the job they will mark it as “completed”. In your tasks section it will change from pending to complete.

How do I add new properties – landlord

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Adding properties to your account enables your rented properties to be found by your tenants on Yeehlow. By adding all your properties it enables your tenants to connect with you.


How do I add properties to my account?

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click “My property”
  3. Choose link “new property”
  4. Follow the steps

Your property may need to be approve by your manager (if part of an organisation) or Yeehlow.

If your property has not been instantly added please allow up to 5 minutes.

You will receive an email when your property has been added or approved.

Adding and Editing frequently asked questions (FAQs) – Landlord

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What is the FAQs?

The FAQs lists the most common questions and answers about your property. You can lists of up to 10 FAQs that you can set and can be edited at any time. It could be things like:- “What day is the bins collected”, or “what do I do if I have lost my keys?”. You will then provide the answer for your tenants. The questions and answers will be visible for your tenants in that particular property.


How do I add/edit FAQs?

  1. Click on your property section in the dashboard
  2. Chose the property you wish to add/edit the FAQs
  3. On the right-hand side click “Add FAQs”
  4. You can add/edit up to 10 FAQs
  5. Click save


Can I edit or remove my FAQs?

Yes, you can edit or remove any FAQs at any time by following the above instructions.

My profile and editing – Landlord

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To use Yeehlow as a landlord, you will need to create a profile. Your profile will enable you to connect with your tenants and your contractors.


How do I edit my Profile?

Log into your account and click My Profile in your dashboard.

In this section you can edit your first and last name, contact number and profile picture.

Make sure you click the save button, so that any changes are saved.


How do I add/change my profile picture?

  1. Login to your account and click My Profile in your dashboard
  2. Click on your profile picture icon and select Drop files here to upload
  3. Click and drag an image from your device
  4. Your image will automatically save

How do I add or edit my property specific documents – proscribed information

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The Yeehlow platform allows you to upload required proscribed information for every property you manage. When uploaded, the documents can be downloaded at any time by your tenants for that specific property.

Click here for information about uploading and sharing general documents.


How do I upload property documents?

  1. Go to My Property in your dashboard.
  2. Click details on the property in question
  3. Click property documents
  4. Chose the type of document you want to upload
  5. Click upload


How do I remove and update documents?

  1. Click the red delete button on the file you wish to update.
  2. Chose that deleted file name drop the drop down menu
  3. Click upload

How do I share documents with my tenants?

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Receiving and sharing documents with your tenants is made simple using the Yeehlow platform.

Click here for information about uploading proscribed information to your property.

You can store, upload and share relevant documents regarding your property.


How do I upload documents?

  1. Go to My Documents in your dashboard.
  2. Click the upload document
  3. Name the document you are uploading
  4. Click upload


How do I send documents to my tenants?

  1. Click on “my files”
  2. Chose the document you wish to share
  3. Click details
  4. Choose share with tenants
  5. Chose the property in concern
  6. You can choose to send the document to all or a particular tenant in that property or all of them
  7. Then click share now